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About Us


About Tanyas Jewelry:

Jewelry designs are not thoughts but they are a reflection of inspiration, which lead to form a beautiful design. Products of any company reflect the sheer inspiration, which take the form of designs. Tanyas Jewelry is a reflection of sheer passion to create jewel pieces for kids, not for them to just adorn but to enjoy them.

About the Owner- Tanya Rupani Shah

Tanya has been an avid fashion follower throughout her life and has been a jewelry designer since more than a decade. Her idea is as simple as stated- “ We wear jewelry not only because the piece is beautiful, but also because we can relate to the design in some way or the other. Becoming a mother recently, I realized the need for fun-filled and unique designs, which our kids would not only love adorning, but enjoy wearing them at the same time. This thought has been presented to all of you in the form of Tanyas Jewelry- The First Kids Specializing Jewelry Concept. Hope you and more importantly your little ones enjoy the designs as much as we enjoy creating them.”

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