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If you want to see how much jewelry has come to be a part of day to day to living you do not need to go any further than your TV screen.

With advertisements that gloat about the shiniest diamonds and the most scrumptious pearls, jewelry has been annotated with celebration and enigma. The world of jewels has now become accessible from anyone to everyone.

Earlier the topic of jewelry use to form a conversation around heirlooms and old villas surrounding lonely islands, of mother’s days and valentines evenings when every woman was gifted somewhat of a treasure either looted or owned by her husband. Those were the days when jewelry was much more of a possession rather than an extension of their wardrobes. It was only in luncheons or soirée parties that hosts and invitees flaunted their lifestyles through the picturesque mode of jewelry. But now jewelry is a whole new affair. It is no longer understated rather it is much rightly known for its prominence that is making it not only an accessory in the fashion world but also giving it the form of one the key essentials that enhance clothing.

As has always been, it is the diamonds to hunt for or the gold and platinum. Designers are now taking expensive metals and transforming them to slivers with the faintest of the diamonds glittering on the top to make coveted neckpieces or one-of-a-kind statement jewelry. It is no longer only a medium to pronounce expensive gifting but it is also a reflection of the thought process of the designer. Jewelry has become a tool to voice out opinions. Be it through solid gold bars with giant emeralds that reflect the magnificence of the Egyptian era or the use of dyed feathers that are now the funkiest options for causal jewelry, it has become one of the central elements of fashion that no longer be ignored.

A raving outcome of modern jewelry is the domain of kids’ jewelry. Fromkids’earrings that are tiny baubles of hearts, stars, tigers and fishes, or miniature representations of roses and magnolias to three lines of artificial diamonds line one on top of the other, every design is something made for young ones who love to accessorize their outfits. Also, kids’ jewelry has become one of the most creative modes of gifting. Be it your child’s first communion or her 13th birthday that will mark her journey into her teen years, a tiny little diamond is the perfect celebratory stance. The first pair of earrings for your baby girl is crucial and therefore select from semi-precious to precious stones to find her the perfect match for her tiny earlobes.

Jewelry is not restricted only to the fairer sex any longer. From ying yangs to neon rubber bracelets, from hemp necklaces to carved wooden pendants, boys are now models to flaunt the tiny messages these baubles let out. Metal pendants which have embossed graphic designs are the coolest addition to the list. Piercings that speak of dangling butterflies or star-crossed hearts are another way to express the growing voices.

The access to jewelry is for everyone. It just depends on how you choose to define yourself whether it is through metal or through diamonds; each piece of jewelry should define you.

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