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Children are 2Cs by nature, curious and creative. Very often you may find your kid staring back guiltily at you, and most often, it is with a broken toy, or worse still, a destroyed appliance. 

Children are 2Cs by nature, curious and creative. Very often you may find your kid staring back guiltily at you, and most often, it is with a broken toy, or worse still, a destroyed appliance. While that can be infuriating, it is not because your little tyke is a wrecking machine, it was simply that he/she wanted to know what made that toy or appliance tick.

Child psychologist Rochelle Gomes says, “kids and in particular little boys, displays mechanical curiosity from a young age. This curiosity should be encouraged in a healthy manner and it can be of great use to them even later on in life.” As a parent however, the loss of an expensive appliance can be a real setback, but don’t despair, here are some inexpensive and creative ways to encourage your little ones’ curiosity and creativity.

  1. Get them a LEGO set: LEGO and Mecha sets are great ways to encourage your kids to build machines and develop excellent logical and mechanical skills. They also make an amazing alternative to mind rotting video games and are an invaluable tool in promoting the curiosity of your child. LEGO sets are available across age groups and complexities and should be selected in an age appropriate manner.
  2. Get them interested in clay design: Tubes of clay and Play Doh are an amazing gift for young ones. The attractive colours, innovative moulds and wide array of shapes they come with will definitely get your young one’s going and make them that much more creative.
  3. Let them paint on the walls: Before your eyes pop out in disbelief, here’s how you do this. Mount white sunboards on the walls in their rooms and provide them with markers, sketch pens and other painting paraphernalia to let their imaginations run wild. Sunboards make excellent surfaces for them to express themselves without making a mess, as they are easy to wipe off and clean!
  4. Get them into DIY: DIY or Do-it-Yourself is an excellent way for kids (and adults) to get an outlet for their creativity. Take some time every week, to teach your kids how to make their own postcards, greeting cards and even painting on old tea cups and the like, so you have a collection of hand crafted art and they spend some quality time with you and have a sense of creativity inculcated in them.
  5. Take them to a science museum: One of the easiest ways to explain complex scientific concepts to children is in an immersive experience. The only way to provide this is through a trip to a science museum. Fun for the entire family and immensely educative for the kids, a trip to the science museum like the Nehru Centre, Mumbai or Vishweshwaraya Museum, Bangalore, ought to rank high on your list of priorities.
  6. Encourage questioning: Always welcome questions from your children in an open manner, without rebuking or ridiculing them. Remember that you’d much rather explain things to them yourself, rather than they getting a skewed perspective from a shady source like the internet!

Curiosity and creativity are two qualities that will enable your children to be better rounded and functional adults in their future lives. Encouraging the 2Cs is every parents’ responsibility and privilege. We hope this post has given you a few interesting ways in which to foster these values in your little one. As always, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Note: This article is written by the in-house content writer of www.tanyasjewelry.com and is for information purpose only. 

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